Tricks just flow out of his mouth. I narrow my eyes, trying not to lose my temper.

Resting his mouth, I interject. “Then prove it!”

Underhandedly, I swipe his phone.

Swiping through his phone, I finally find it. “Aha!”

There on the screen lies a text message about how he arranges for an ‘accident.’



Lashing out, I swing my fist at him.

Imbued with fury, I strike his temple.

Angrily, I kick him in the shin.

Rampaging, I bang my fist against a wall.


Rapidly, I dash out of the room.

Evasively, I slide under a pipe.

Vindictively, I break his phone on the pipe

Escaping, I cheer, free of fear.

Never again do I have to deal with him. Until the day of the ‘accident.’

Gashes cover my body.

Everyday is filled with regrets now.


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