Climate Control: Part II

Perry climbed back up and dusted himself off. Frightened kids glanced at him. This made him feel bad. Like he was being isolated. And he did not like that. Sleet began falling to the ground.

“Stop it, freak!” One kid screamed at Perry. Perry turned around, seeing the kid with his mouth hanging open. Perry purposely focused all his anger. Sleet was now hammering the ground. The wind was blowing violently. As the sleet hampered their vision, the wind hampered their movement. The air was freezing. He considered letting them all die. “Let them freeze to death, or be blown off into the distance!” Perry thought. Fatigued kids dropped to their knees as they groaned. Perry sighed, deciding to let them live. He focused all his positive energy, thus stopping the wind and sleet. He could now see that his peers were suffering. Many kids couldn’t even stand. The ones who could stand up walked slowly as pain shot up through their legs.

“Better to be feared than loved!” Perry thought with a smile.


The Devil’s Sapphire: Part 1

As they say, the devil’s sapphire is possessed. It draws you in with it’s natural color and beauty, and before you know it, you’re its slave. This was something Helen was about to learn. Helen loved jewelry. Especially sapphire. Therefore, when she found the devil’s sapphire while touring a cave, she was thrilled. She fashioned the stone into a necklace and wore it upon her neck wherever she went. Which was a bad idea. The changes were small at first. Her hair gradually grayed. Her skin become slightly paler, and her eyes slightly darker. She moved slower, and dressed less fancily. Then the changes became bigger. Much bigger.