Collection: Moonlight, Oasis, and Dreams

This collection of short stories was inspired by this prompt.

I had been here, a long time ago. I was on a vacation back then. I have a fuzzy memory of some big, grassy field. It had been turned into a crater by a meteor. It baffled many, as no meteorologist foresaw it. Since then, the locals had started a hoax. Everyone claimed that there was some creature living in the crater. Yeah right. It was midnight. A full moon shined as clearly as a crystal. I looked up. I did not see a creature. Instead I saw an army of small, fanged, hungry-looking, alien-like creatures.

I was uncertain, but I kept going. Perhaps there was an oasis. The sun beat down on me like a professional wrestler. I could see a faint blue shaped thing in the distance. I ran, and was shocked to find an oasis. I took a long sip. I had been stranded in the desert for months. I saw a strange shaped object in the sky. It seemed to be descending. I realized it was a helicopter. Several moments later, I was climbing a ladder. It was only one more step, and I’d never see this desert again. I awoke with a jolt. I knew there was something weird with that oasis water.

In my dreams, I envision a place. It’s a very small lake. I swam and swam. But I never reached the shore. Every time I almost reached the shoreline, it shrunk back. I’ve been trapped in this dream for years. It seemed so real. Perhaps I’ve been like sleeping beauty, stuck in an endless sleep. I became tired one day. I couldn’t go on. I began sinking. The last thing before this sleep was jumping in a lake just like the one in the dream. It couldn’t be real, right? Before, I could decide, the world went black.