Climate Control

Perry was special. It was a snowy day in the middle of July. Perry was the reason why. He had a cold. The trees were frosted like cinnamon rolls. Perry sighed. He wished he could play in the snow. The snow fell harder. He wished he wasn’t sick. The snow fell even harder. The temperature dropped. Perry turned the TV on. Seven degrees. Four inches of snow. Perry rolled over and fell asleep. When Perry awakened, the snow was gone. Perry skipped along the sidewalk. There was a smile smeared on Perry’s face. Sunlight beamed through the sky. The weather was lovely. Perry’s foot caught on the sidewalk, and he tripped. The sky darkened. Thunder rung out. That’s when the horror started.



4 thoughts on “Climate Control

  1. Oh my gosh, I love this. Its like when Perry is feeling yucky the outside world is yucky too. When Perry is feeling great, it is great outside……and then he trips and falls and what??? What is the horror…….what is it??? I’m dying to know!

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