Mended Love

Mary and James were sitting on a log on the bank of a creek, surrounded by willow trees.

“I don’t know how I ever doubted you.” Mary giggled. I made some snacks.” Mary smiled.

“That looks delicious!” James exclaimed before shoving some in his mouth. James began to cough and wheeze. His eyes were watering. “Help… me.” James wheezed.

“Oh dear! I forgot about your fatal peanut allergy!” Mary gasped. “I- I”ll find help.” Mary stammered. Mary bolted off. She never returned.

This was not an accident. Mary had a vicious cycle going. She attracted guys with her truckloads of money. But where did she get this money? She inherited this money when her boyfriend “suddenly died.” However Mary had a change of heart when she saw him. She had felt actual love.




One thought on “Mended Love

  1. I KNEW Mary could not be trusted! Poor James. I can’t wait to see what devious plan she comes up with next but more than that I can’t wait to find out who “him” is. So exciting!!!!! Who is he???

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