Alien Dream House

Jenny stared in awe at the incredible manor. The paint wasn’t her favorite. She did not know the truth. Years ago, aliens had constructed this manor. The outside was bright green and dark yellow. The insides were dark green and bright yellow. Jenny pranced in and headed towards the couch. She screeched to a stop. The furniture was… odd. The arms were where the cushions should be. The cushions were where the arms should be. The back covered the front of the couch. Jenny scooted into the kitchen. She started making some toast. She put bread in. Cornflakes came out. Jenny grew curious. So she decided to experiment. She put in some noodles. A sandwich came out. She fell to her knees she was baffled. She knew this was no normal house. She knew it all along. She was half alien. She just didn’t do a great job of understanding their culture.


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