Zombie’s Point of View

I saw a feast. I staggered towards it. Of course it screams and runs away. Stupid humans. We just want to eat! I mean, humans love hamburgers. Zombies love brains. What’s the difference? I look around to find another meal. I find a funeral full of meals. I lay as still as possible in the bushes… and attack! I latch on to a meal and take them down. Before I knew it I was full.

I was sitting in the park. I saw a zombie stagger towards me. I screamed and darted away. The zombie moaned and groaned before jumping into the bush. After that, I heard rustling noises, screaming, and slurping.

I was at a funeral. In the distance I heard a faint scream. Several moments later, I noticed something strange in the bushes. I ignored it. Big mistake. A zombie was the last thing I ever saw. As a human, that is.




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