Out of Luck: Ditched

It’s my favorite day of the year: Friday the Thirteenth! Not only that tonight’s a full moon. This won’t happen again for thirty-five years! So, I made a series that will be written today and today only!

“Lucas!” I cried. Rain streamed down my face like tears. There was a wall of rain. And me and my friend Lucas got lost. To top it all off, we got separated. I trudged on. My splashed in puddles like frogs in swamps. I was freezing. Suddenly, I was falling. I couldn’t see through the wall of rain. I couldn’t hear over the crashing sound of the downpour. I wailed like a police siren. And then the falling stopped. I had tumbled into a ditch. My leg was broken. I couldn’t move. I knew no one would come. I was out of luck.


2 thoughts on “Out of Luck: Ditched

  1. How cool is it that Friday the 13th and a full moon are on the same day. I like how you named this one Ditched, he ended up in a ditch and his friend was no where to be found……..was he ditched???

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