Springshade was a beautiful little village, known for incredible greenery. It was often very warm, but not too hot. The residents lived in German style cottages. At the middle of the village, there was a gorgeous castle. This castle was owned by no one. It was just there so people could enjoy it. Surrounded around the castle was a garden full of flowers of every type and color imaginable. This was a tiny village, so the residents just walked instead of drove. Rather than roads, there were dirt paths. Whenever it rained, it was just a lovely drizzle. In Autumn, the leaves are so many colors, it is like there is a constant rainbow. In winter the snow swirled gently, and the residents loved to sit down with some hot cocoa while their kids played in the snow. In spring, the greenery begins to bloom, and birds are chirping. The insects are joyfully buzzing to commemorate spring. In summer, it is warm and residents bask in the sun and play in the water for all of the long days. I longed to go there.


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