The Beast of Aldwater

Alice scooped up her luggage and started moseying to the exit of the ship. When she was off the ship, she gasped. Aldwater was beautiful. It was a quaint, sunny little island with numerous hills and cliffs. But Alice didn’t know the dark secrets of Aldwater.

Alice skipped into the cozy hotel. Within minutes, she was resting in her room. She was examining the local newspaper, which read “Beast Terrorizes Aldwater!” Alice snorted at such a ridiculous news story. She thought the people here were playing a joke.

Alice bolted up in bed. She was awakened by desperate screams.

“The beast!”

“It’s hideous!”

“It will eat us all!”

“Run for your lives!”

She heard roaring footsteps, screaming, crying and eating sounds. She thought back to the news story. It couldn’t be, could it?





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