Climate Control

Perry was special. It was a snowy day in the middle of July. Perry was the reason why. He had a cold. The trees were frosted like cinnamon rolls. Perry sighed. He wished he could play in the snow. The snow fell harder. He wished he wasn’t sick. The snow fell even harder. The temperature dropped. Perry turned the TV on. Seven degrees. Four inches of snow. Perry rolled over and fell asleep. When Perry awakened, the snow was gone. Perry skipped along the sidewalk. There was a smile smeared on Perry’s face. Sunlight beamed through the sky. The weather was lovely. Perry’s foot caught on the sidewalk, and he tripped. The sky darkened. Thunder rung out. That’s when the horror started.




I was nestled between a rock and the ceiling. I hated this cave. I stared off into the darkness. I hated darkness.  I worked my way to the bottom. I was lost. I trudged along. I stomped into a puddle. I hate puddles. I continued on. Eventually I came to a shallow body of water in the cave. I scooted through. Maybe I’d find something cool. I stopped when I heard whispers. I turned around.

“Hello?” I called. I heard more whispers and some giggles. I saw nothing but the darkness that seemed to stretch forever.

Mended Love

Mary and James were sitting on a log on the bank of a creek, surrounded by willow trees.

“I don’t know how I ever doubted you.” Mary giggled. I made some snacks.” Mary smiled.

“That looks delicious!” James exclaimed before shoving some in his mouth. James began to cough and wheeze. His eyes were watering. “Help… me.” James wheezed.

“Oh dear! I forgot about your fatal peanut allergy!” Mary gasped. “I- I”ll find help.” Mary stammered. Mary bolted off. She never returned.

This was not an accident. Mary had a vicious cycle going. She attracted guys with her truckloads of money. But where did she get this money? She inherited this money when her boyfriend “suddenly died.” However Mary had a change of heart when she saw him. She had felt actual love.



Alien Dream House

Jenny stared in awe at the incredible manor. The paint wasn’t her favorite. She did not know the truth. Years ago, aliens had constructed this manor. The outside was bright green and dark yellow. The insides were dark green and bright yellow. Jenny pranced in and headed towards the couch. She screeched to a stop. The furniture was… odd. The arms were where the cushions should be. The cushions were where the arms should be. The back covered the front of the couch. Jenny scooted into the kitchen. She started making some toast. She put bread in. Cornflakes came out. Jenny grew curious. So she decided to experiment. She put in some noodles. A sandwich came out. She fell to her knees she was baffled. She knew this was no normal house. She knew it all along. She was half alien. She just didn’t do a great job of understanding their culture.

Out of Luck: Mine, Mine, Mine!

I was off mining. I was trotting along, and I ran into a wall. I felt the rough wall. Suddenly, one part of the wall pushed in. So I climbed through. I was in a tiny hallway. I traveled along. The hallway was narrowing. The light was dimming. Eventually, it was pitch black and I could barely squeeze myself through. I saw a distant gleam. The light brightened. The hallway widened. I finally stumbled into a room. I gasped. It was filled with gold. I heard rumbling. I looked around the mine had caved in. I was trapped in the mine. Trapped in a prison of greed. I was out of luck.

Out of Luck: Ditched

It’s my favorite day of the year: Friday the Thirteenth! Not only that tonight’s a full moon. This won’t happen again for thirty-five years! So, I made a series that will be written today and today only!

“Lucas!” I cried. Rain streamed down my face like tears. There was a wall of rain. And me and my friend Lucas got lost. To top it all off, we got separated. I trudged on. My splashed in puddles like frogs in swamps. I was freezing. Suddenly, I was falling. I couldn’t see through the wall of rain. I couldn’t hear over the crashing sound of the downpour. I wailed like a police siren. And then the falling stopped. I had tumbled into a ditch. My leg was broken. I couldn’t move. I knew no one would come. I was out of luck.

Zombie’s Point of View

I saw a feast. I staggered towards it. Of course it screams and runs away. Stupid humans. We just want to eat! I mean, humans love hamburgers. Zombies love brains. What’s the difference? I look around to find another meal. I find a funeral full of meals. I lay as still as possible in the bushes… and attack! I latch on to a meal and take them down. Before I knew it I was full.

I was sitting in the park. I saw a zombie stagger towards me. I screamed and darted away. The zombie moaned and groaned before jumping into the bush. After that, I heard rustling noises, screaming, and slurping.

I was at a funeral. In the distance I heard a faint scream. Several moments later, I noticed something strange in the bushes. I ignored it. Big mistake. A zombie was the last thing I ever saw. As a human, that is.




Fionna strolled into the airport. People buzzed about everywhere. During the bag check, Fionna set the alarm off. Her shoes had metal in them. Fionna sighed and rolled her eyes. Fionna stopped at a restaurant in the airport and had some soup. She checked her watch. She stumbled out of the restaurant. Fionna had fell asleep. Suddenly, she realized something. She was at the wrong gate! She scooped up her luggage and dashed. Fionna had a crazed look in her eye. Her crazed eyes scanned the signs. She screeched to a stop at gate thirteen. She let out a sigh of relief.

Broken Love

“You tricked me!” Mary snarled.

“I had to!” Replied James.

“Why? Why did you have to trick me?” Mary questioned.

“To save you!” James shouted.

“So lying right to my face and making me betray my best friend saved the me?” Mary asked.

“She was evil! She was going to strand you in the forest. She was pretending to be your friend to ‘borrow your money!’

“Why should I trust you?”

“Because I love you!”

“I’ve made my choice. I never want to see your lying face again!”

“Let’s talk this over in the forest. Oh, and can I borrow some money?” James snickered with an evil grin.


Meet Fionna

Fionna had frantic brunette hair and green eyes sharp as knives. She wore brown leather clothes and a belt. She moved slightly clumsily, but quickly. She spoke with a soothing yet firm voice. Fionna had a old wooden bow and arrow. Fionna lived in Blackhaven, a foggy little village. Fionna sat in the cafe, sipping her cappuccino. The news was in front if her. Fionna let out a yawn. The next plane to Springshade wouldn’t be here for about five hours.