Flash Fiction: Six Words

Here are some six word stories I wrote in response to this prompt.

The blade stung. Everything went black.

The icy water devoured me whole.

Only I survived. I felt lonely.

The volcano erupted, wreaking havoc everywhere.

I fell into the endless pit.



Berries are starting to turn a little ripe and edible, so I thought “what if berries fought back?”

Thorns scratched my skin and ripped my clothes. My feet were crushing dozens of berries like bugs. I was choking so hard, I had to gasp for air. Finally, whatever was chasing me gave up. I glanced around. I had been in the berry patch many times, but I had never seen this place. The trees were decorated with strange purple berries. They were huge for berries, each about the size of a tennis ball. They had four stems, sticking out like arms and legs. I was famished. I stocked my bucket full of the purple berries. I set down the bucket while I rested. When I woke up, my bucket was empty! I plucked some more berries from the tree. I devoured them, and they were delicious! I reached for the bucket, and touched nothing but the cold bottom of the bucket. I still had a half bucket of berries. I collapsed on the ground, and went to sleep. That night, I thought about the creatures that was chasing me. There were dozens of them, about as large as a Chihuahua. I only remember seeing a purple blur. I awoke in the middle of the night, surrounded by cold giggles. I rebounded, and I stumbled around a bit, before tumbling into a hole. I stared at the dark sky. Dozens of purple Chihuahua-sized berries were surrounding me in the hole. They smiled, revealing mouthfuls of sharp fangs. That was the last thing I ever saw.